Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Good news for Canon EOS owners too?

Legendary Lensmaker Offers New 35mm Glass in F Mount

One of the best pieces of news to come out of Photokina 2006 is the announcement by celebrated German lensmaker Carl Zeiss of four new high-grade fast manual focus lenses for street and macro shooters who use Nikon bodies, both film and digital.

But this is also good news for those who use Canon EOS bodies, especially those who own full-frame DSLR's and therefore can take the fullest advantage of this legendary German glass. (This is something Nikon owners can't do unless and until Nikon decides to come out with a full-frame DSLR.)

As many EOS owners know, any manual focus Nikkor lens can mounted and used on EOS bodies merely by purchasing a Nikkor-to-EOS adapter such as this one by Novoflex

Of course, there's no AF with such a setup on a Canon EOS body, and the aperture must be set manually on the lens as well. But the same is true on a Nikon body, too. However, like their Nikon counterparts, EOS users can still use their automatic metering once the lens is stopped down.

Most likely, these same Nikon-to-EOS adapters will work equally as well with the newly announced Zeiss lenses.


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